no I’m not, actually. I wish. this was actually from a trip I took the summer before I got a tumblr. I hadn’t realized I didn’t post these pictures when I did get one, so I figured I might as well post them now.

Paestum is in southern Italy, and at one point had more Greeks than Greece did. this part of Italy was therefore called Magna Gracia.

there were Greek temples all over the place; I don’t remember which is which, but I know I have pictures of temples to Hera, Zeus, Poseidon and Athena. (actually, this particular city used to be called Posedonia, so there was a lot of stuff for Mr Ocean God)

the part that I found most exciting were the houses, which were reduced to just a few feet of stone; however, you could see the layout of the houses perfectly. I spent a good half hour babbling about the layouts, screaming about the atrium and tabernae and ala and triclinium etc.

cool architecture in Pompeii

in the first picture, you can see the impluvium (pool) and the compluvium (skylight) where rainwater was collected in the atrium of a house. the second picture is an empty pool in the middle of what would have been the peristylium or garden. the fourth picture is what I’m pretty sure was an oven. fifth is a picture of one of the main crosswalks; the roads were often filthy, and these stepping stones served to keep pedestrian’s feet clean, as well as keep traffic going at a reasonably slow pace, since wagons had to slow down considerably to aim their wheels through the slots.

frescos in Pompeii

yeah, those last three are exactly what you think they are. naked people doing the do. these were in the brothels of Pompeii; with a mostly illiterate population, businesses had to advertise with pictures. and prostitutes were no exception.

House of the Vestal Virgins

aww yis epigraphy. the fourth picture is of a base of a statue honoring the head vestal, Flavia Publicia. the first few lines read: Flaviae L F Publiciae, “to Flavia Publicia, daughter of Lucius.” (L stands for Luci and F stands for filiae)

Roman statues and my dad

one of these things is not like the others.

Trajan’s column and forum

pictures of the Colosseum.

our hotel was maybe four block away, and we walked to it our first night in Rome. when you first saw it in the distance, it looked pretty huge. and it just. kept. getting. bigger. it was incredible. the entrance from the subway was amazing too, because you come up from underground and BAM it’s right in front of you in all of its colossal glory.

I was just looking through pictures of my trip to Italy a few years ago, and I realized that I’ve never posted any of them on tumblr (because I didn’t have one when I went to Italy)

so get ready for pictures of Roman ruins and me freaking out over Roman ruins.

"jesus, just put a jellyfish on his head, I’m done."

—the costume designers for Immortals, talking about Poseidon, probably.