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Anyone know about it? It’s like DnD, except it’s a bit different… well, I don’t know that for sure, actually. All I know is that it’s a tabletop game that I’d really like to play. Is there anyone out there with a group that might want to play with a newbie? Well, I don’t have the core rulebooks or…

Depending on your situation, one of the best methods of finding a group is through a local game shop. Yet there are plenty of online groups that play. As far as not having core material it be super easy.
posted a few links to Paizo Publishing’s website, where they have most of those books posted for free. As far as being Dnd yes and no, Pathfinder is based off the 3.5 OGL, which means basically it’s based off the 3.5 system that WOTC used for quite a ing while. Please feel free to ask anything about it. I have plenty of amazing followers that will pitch in advice or answer questions I might be able to.
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my morning so far…. and look, I misspelled “trunk” too.

update: thanks to my best friend, her dad, and the nice people at Shell, my tires are all good now.

Dragon Age: Inquisition

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Alcyon’s journal, session nineteen, part 3/3

so here’s the big bad. we literally hid behind things and threw magic at him the entire battle because no one except Mina would have survived being up close to him, and even she was in pretty bad shape after he got her. at one point we had two black tentacles and two geysers, a thundercloud and a dinosaur that Crea summoned.

… huh. that dinosaur is supposed to be an ankylosaurus. whoops.

check out this lovely lady I found while doing yard work today.

check out this lovely lady I found while doing yard work today.

in case you missed it, one of my friends is having car problems and doesn’t have the money to fix it. and when I say car problems, I mean it’s been totaled. so, I’m opening commissions, and every bit that I get from anything commissioned in the next two weeks will go directly to zir. so not only will you get some art, you’ll be helping my wonderful friend get to class and work. if you want to skip the commissioning process and give straight to zir, just follow this link.

all prices are for full-body: torso and up is 3/4 the price of a full-body picture, and shoulders up is 1/2.

Car totaled, need a new one


Ok… so my car got totaled because I was waiting until I got my next installment of financial aid (and could afford it) to fix my car and that waiting was just a little too late.  So now I need a new car.  The problem is… I’m still really poor.

So I’m accepting donations to help me get a new car.  Not new new, obviously used.  If you have anything at all that you wouldn’t mind sparing for this noble cause, I’d appreciate it.  I need this car to get to school and work.  


my friend needs some help, but my paypal is currently empty. so who wants to help out by commissioning something? I’m in a good financial situation, so every penny you send me will go to zir. (or you could skip the middleman so to speak and send money directly to zir. but I thought helping out with art would be pretty exciting.)

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no I’m not, actually. I wish. this was actually from a trip I took the summer before I got a tumblr. I hadn’t realized I didn’t post these pictures when I did get one, so I figured I might as well post them now.

Paestum is in southern Italy, and at one point had more Greeks than Greece did. this part of Italy was therefore called Magna Gracia.

there were Greek temples all over the place; I don’t remember which is which, but I know I have pictures of temples to Hera, Zeus, Poseidon and Athena. (actually, this particular city used to be called Posedonia, so there was a lot of stuff for Mr Ocean God)

the part that I found most exciting were the houses, which were reduced to just a few feet of stone; however, you could see the layout of the houses perfectly. I spent a good half hour babbling about the layouts, screaming about the atrium and tabernae and ala and triclinium etc.

cool architecture in Pompeii

in the first picture, you can see the impluvium (pool) and the compluvium (skylight) where rainwater was collected in the atrium of a house. the second picture is an empty pool in the middle of what would have been the peristylium or garden. the fourth picture is what I’m pretty sure was an oven. fifth is a picture of one of the main crosswalks; the roads were often filthy, and these stepping stones served to keep pedestrian’s feet clean, as well as keep traffic going at a reasonably slow pace, since wagons had to slow down considerably to aim their wheels through the slots.