I just realized. the skald class is basically a bard/barbarian.

you know what this means?



I’m playing an adventure path with some friends, one of whom plays a bard, Alwin the Joyful. all of Alwin’s best friends die. it’s happened 7 times in-game. this past session, we fought this really annoying arcane trickster, and the jerk pretended to surrender, then cast charm monster on Alwin, who went from wanting to through the guy overboard while tied up to thinking he was his best friend. seeing as Alwin was captain… the very fact that the trickster charmed Alwin sealed his fate. we mutinied and keelhauled the trickster to keep the captain from doing stupid things. and yet another one of Alwin’s friends is dead.

Yet another tale wrought with woe brought on by the blight of the BARD.

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today during game we had to chase some vandals off a farm and we had cleared out 5/6 of them and we were down to the last one. my friend decided to go on delay because he’s a nice person and could tell how much I wanted to smack the guy with my greatsword (2d6 + 12 when power attacking). so I roll.

a 1. and roll to confirm. 19. crit range. and roll to confirm. confirmed.

so I stab myself in the foot. hard. really hard.

but I managed to keep standing by going into rage and immediately gaining 12 hp back. and I had one more attack this round, so I decided to roll again.

20. and roll to confirm. confirmed.

the thug is bloodily dismembered. all over the farm.

basically what happened was I stabbed myself in the foot so hard that I started raging and immediately tore apart the nearest living thing.

Alcyon’s journal session 21, part 2/3

finally getting back to posting feels so great. my art style has also changed a bit and I like it. I’m really happy with these panels, especially the second one. also, I can’t tell you how hard it was to resist drawing coconuts in improper places on that ent. it would have been so easy.

"I smiled too hard and it tastes like blood."

—Me, recovering from oral surgery

Alcyon’s journal, session twenty, part 1/3.

as I promised, there is a pajama party. more to come, because I couldn’t fit everyone in the panel. in fact, pajama party might just turn into a separate entry.

I wasn’t here for much of this session, so there are probably some details I got wrong. but I’m doing my best. I did show up for the big plot point, though. coming soon.

ok… so tumblr wasn’t letting me change the pictures… and there was a need for the pictures to be changed. I drew a cyclopes with two eyes. apparently I had reblogged this from myself and deleted the original post? so that made it impossible to change the pictures. so here’s a journal out of order.

I am so sick of all this drool…

A van pulled on front of us while we were driving home and my first thought was “where’s Bianca?”
Bianca was my substitute Latin teacher’s dog… nothing to do with vans.

My whole mouth taste like blood and bubble gum.

I remember wanting to thank the doctor for being so good and patient with me, and then giggling because “but I’m the patient”